Vintage Martin 12-String… continued

This is the continuation from an earlier post which can be found here.  We’re showing the process of a full restoration on a 1965 Martin D12-35.


After the neck was pulled and re-set (see other post,) the bridge re-glue and re-fretting needed to be done.

Here’s the bridge removal.






After heating the bridge while protecting the top and monitoring the temperature, the glue melts and a warm pallet knife is used to carefully remove the bridge.





Bridge removed.







Gluing the bridge is done after cleaning and scraping the top area and the bridge, making a nice new glue joint.




After re-fretting, dressing and oiling the fingerboard along with the bridge, the only last thing to complete was the new pickguard and the setup.



After fabricating a new bone nut and saddle, it’s tuned up and ready to go!

IMGP1606-RHere’s a friend giving it the first post-surgery strum. This guitar sounded beautiful and played perfectly after the restoration was complete.  What a pleasure to work on an instrument like this. I completed this one some time ago, and it’s now in a good home.




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  1. Brendan WardApril 20, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

    Good to see Nate. What type of glue is used?

  2. CustomSound StaffApril 20, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    Hey Brendan! Yeah, this was from awhile ago. I used hot hide glue for everything on this one. Nate helped with getting the clamping done quickly because the working time is so short with hide glue. Usually we use carpenter-grade wood glue, like Tightbond… which is an aliphatic resin glue… like primo Elmers.


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