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Keep Calm & Carry It On


We all know that guitar cases won’t fit in the carry-on box thing that measures your bag at the airport.  But the need is over to carefully find a perfectly nice, well meaning airline person at the counter to beg and plead your case (pun intended) so as to not require checking your beloved instrument […]

Proper Guitar Care & Humidity

Cleaning guitar-featured crop

(Note: this is an excerpt from our Instrument Wellness page.) If you want your guitar to function at its best, always remember: Stability is the key.  A good case and a humidifier will help keep your instrument more stable.  When not being played, your guitar should be in its case with the humidifier, unless you […]

Larrivee is Here!


    We are finally making an official post here on our blog about our latest dealership arrangement.  Custom Sound is now a proud authorized dealer for Larrivee guitars!  These fine acoustic instruments represent an elite level of craftsmanship. We are eager for you to try them… if you’re ready. Jean Larrivee has been a […]

Custom Sound in the News


Check out this article about the shop published in the AZ Daily Sun last Sunday, September 21st.  Learn more about our history and our founding. — Thank you Suzanne and Taylor, for a great article. —

Godin’s Richmond Empire

Godin empire mahogany

by Casey Cantor I was very excited when we started carrying the Godin Empire line. Initially, we ordered just one from the Canadian maker-the Black Empire-and we sold it the first day we had it on display. T he second one we got in stock, the Cream Empire, had a very similar story – again […]

Gibson J-45 Reconstruction


Notice anything strange?  This was a very interesting project. Some time ago a customer came through Flagstaff on vacation with his family and we got to talking about a can of worms he recently opened.  He had come across a messed up 1970’s square shoulder Gibson J-45 that needed work.  Being the engineering type, he […]

Side Reconstruction

TaylorBlogFeatured Image

A Formidable Challenge on a Taylor 814c This all started when a customer in Sedona emailed me out of the blue. He included an eBay link and asked my opinion, “Is this fixable?”  He wanted to buy this guitar, but only if it could be restored– and he needed a fairly solid quote to gauge […]

Fat Daddy Custom Neck


I just got done making this custom neck for one of Flagstaff’s great guitar players.  Ben Tillman came to me a few months ago and wanted a new neck for his strat.  He had been using the biggest neck made by an aftermarket parts company, but it wasn’t even close to big enough for him. […]