Ryan R. Elewaut

meazds-edit-bwOwner, Head Luthier

Ryan Robert Elewaut is a highly experienced restoration luthier with extensive knowledge and experience building custom guitars.  He is the founder of Custom Sound, Solstice Guitars, and  Ryan began his obsession with guitar building and repair during high school, which earned him an apprenticeship at Shade Tree Stringed Instruments under restoration luthier Greg Mirken. He has trained with Jerry Korki in Flagstaff and other luthiers along the way, including private Taylor warranty training and other specialized courses. Ryan founded Custom Sound Instruments in 2004.


Bob Waters

Lead Repair Tech, Asst. Shop Manager

Bob has been working the repair shop for a while now and he can answer virtually any repair question or other concerns you may have.  He is currently finishing an intensive apprenticeship in the Custom Sound building facility, and he will soon be in production operations as we launch Solstice Guitars.  Bob is a very good multi-instrumentalist and he is a resource of info regarding various gear and instruments, including live performance assessment.




Jason Lindsey

Development & Design Luthier

Jason is the latest addition to our luthiery staff.  He recently completed a four year masters in design theory and guitar construction in Santa Cruz with custom builder Scott Walker. Jason graduated from the Roberto-Venn school of luthiery in 2012, and he specializes in drafting digital guitar designs and CNC operations. He is helping us out in the repair shop and playing an integral roll in the development of our new brand, Solstice Guitars.




Kathryn Meyers

kathrynrocksAsst. Manager, Marketing

Kathryn rocks in the band Sol Drop here in Flagstaff.  She is our photographer, marketing manager, super gear-head, and overall smart person.  Kathryn has been on staff for a couple years now and she can help you demo anything in the shop and help with anything else you need.





Seth Terrell



Customer Service Tech

Seth started with us back in July, just before we moved and expanded to the new store. While playing with a few different bands here in Flagstaff, including Tiny Bird,  he is quickly becoming our lead man at the new front desk. Seth can facilitate and help with anything you need, including taking in repairs for assessment, scheduling your guitar lessons, and restringing with minor adjustments if you need.