Ryan Robert Elewaut

meazds-edit-bwOwner, Head Luthier

Ryan Robert Elewaut is a highly experienced restoration luthier with extensive knowledge building custom acoustic & electric guitars throughout his career.  He is the founder of Custom Sound, Solstice Guitars, and  Ryan began his obsession with guitar building and repair during high school, which earned him an apprenticeship at Shade Tree Stringed Instruments under restoration luthier Greg Mirken. He has trained with Jerry Korki in Flagstaff and other great luthiers along the way, including private Taylor warranty training and other specialized courses. Ryan founded Custom Sound Instruments in 2004.


Bob Waters

Apprentice & Customer Ops

Bob has been working the floor for a while now and he can put you in the right direction.  He is currently finishing a year-long apprenticeship in the Custom Sound building facility, and he will soon be in production operations.  Bob is a very good multi-instrumentalist.  He can help you demo anything in the store and answer any of your shop-related questions.




Andy Allen

andy-shot-bwAssistant Manager

Andy is a veteran of the industry.  He can help you with anything and everything here at the shop. He will answer any gear questions, sales questions, store questions– or pretty much anything you need he will get done.  Andy is the newest addition to our team and he is taking over much of the retail operation while helping with other management duties around the shop.





Kathryn Meyers

kathrynrocksMarketing Assistant & Customer Ops

Kathryn rocks in the band Sol Drop here in Flagstaff.  She is our photographer, marketing assistant, super gear-head, and overall smart person.  Kathryn has been on staff for overt a year now and she can help you demo anything in the shop.  She is really good with decisions about instruments and tone, along with general customer service.