Solstice Guitars


A new line of masterpieces by luthier Ryan R. Elewaut...

Solstice Guitars represents the culmination of a career dedicated to guitar luthiery.

This new line of instruments feature a unique blend of modern and classic design work, the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, innovative building techniques, and new construction approaches. Solstice models are based on tradition and technology, with a focus on tone through innovation, playability, and individuality.

Transit model

The Transit is the most customizable guitar made by Solstice. The fully chambered body gives added resonance and unique voicing to the pickups. The body features contouring for comfort at the heel, an arm bevel, and a back carve. The neck joint is a precisely aligned, machine-bolt system with threaded brass inserts imbedded into the heel of the neck. A modern 2-way adjustable truss rod is reinforced with twin graphite rods under the fingerboard. The stock pickup set gives the Transit many tones, featuring the unique Duncan P-Rail with a 3-voice mini switch, combined with a Phat Cat single coil in the neck position.



All Solstice acoustic models are offered with standard or upgraded exotic wood choices.  Every top is braced with a unique “Compound Parabolic” bracing pattern, developed by the head luthier and owner, Ryan R. Elewaut. During construction, all tops are individually voiced & tap-tuned, creating the best potential tone from each cut of wood. Hot hide glue is used exclusively for the bracing and the bridge joint. Nut width choices and other options are available. The Ecliptic is a big instrument for a small guitar. While it measures close to a OO size, it looks and feels like a parlor or single-O guitar. It is made to be a finger-style players dream.


Parallax model

The Parallax has been designed as a neck-through electric baritone guitar, or a short-scale 5-string bass, depending on final specs. A subtle multi-scale spread adds to comfort, ease of reach, and intonation. The vertical neck laminate is a 5 piece combination of alternating mahogany, maple and walnut. The body is capped with either figured walnut or figured maple, and all maple top models are offered with a choice of four deep stain color options.



All Solstice acoustics are constructed with traditional hot hide glue for the bracing and bridge joint. This glue dries harder and more like glass, giving better tonal transfer through the tone generating components of the body. Evey body is also designed with our symmetrical A-frame upper bracing system, adding a significant amount structural resistance to the forces that deform a guitar over time. All models are available with the Carve-Away™ body style, and an added K&K Trinity pickup system upon request. The Precession is a big-body modified dreadnought powerhouse of a guitar. The extra depth at the tail gives this guitar a huge sound for flat-picking & strumming alike. The slope-shoulder design keeps it from feeling too cumbersome.


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