We offer a variety of other services in addition to our repair shop!


Other Services:



  • High-End Consignment Sales:  Our highly regarded consignment process utilizes proprietary online and retail avenues. We excel at getting the best price on vintage and unique items.  Learn more about our consignment policies and potentials here.
  • Shipping: If you need to get a guitar somewhere safely, let us deal with the delicate hassle.  We offer a first-rate Custom Sound guaranteed shipping service.  Let us handle and insure your shipment so it gets packaged properly and delivered quickly.
  • Appraisals: Our official appraisal service will provide you with documentation for insurance or sales purposes.  We can list individual or multiple items on your appraisal document.
  • Rentals: We rent back line gear on a short-term basis and do monthly rentals as well.  Check out the rentals page for our standard list of rental items.