Restoring a Vintage Martin D12-35

This was a gorgeous, vintage 1965 Martin D12-35.  I bought the guitar knowing it needed complete restoration treatment. It sold after the restoration was complete. The Brazilian Rosewood back and sides were beautiful. Below you can see the three-piece back with the Indian Rosewood in the center.









Restoration List:

  • Full dovetail neck reset.
  • Complete re-fret
  • Remove and Replace pickguard
  • Remove and re-glue the bridge

Look at the bookmatch on the sides at the heel. This is a really great looking piece of Brazilian.















Here you can see the bridge and pickgaurd are lifting. The bridge isn’t too bad, but since we’re resetting the neck it will be best to also fix this, helping to further correct the overall geometry of the guitar. I’ll be using hot hide glue for the two major glue joints… the bridge and neck joint.IMGP1614-R








Let the process begin:



Steaming off the neck.













Neck Removal complete.

Now the new neck angle can be carved by reshaping the heel on the neck.




I glued some cracks and did the pickguard repair while the neck was off.




Now the neck can be glued back onto the body.







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