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Our repair shop is world class and we welcome all viable repairs… garage-sale pieces to masterpieces.  In addition to guitars, we also work on banjos, mandolins, and other string instruments.  Our luthiers accomplish the finest repair work possible.  We believe our work is more thorough and accurate than our competitors. We pride ourselves on complete and exceptional care for instruments, and we are proud of the client feedback and praise received from our practice.

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    Luthier’s Declaration:

    Dear Repair Clients:

    My personal love and focus is on finely crafted acoustic steel-string and classical guitars. I am also highly experienced with electric guitars & basses, and have an affinity for electronic modifications. Fret work is a specialty here, and we do lots of it: standard fret-leveling and dressing, and even full re-fretting on anything from guitars and basses to mandolins and banjos.  If you’re tired of fighting your instrument and you want perfect playing action, give us a call. Your guitar can reach a new level of playability and tone.MeAZDS

    Off the production line, mass produced instruments need the individual attention of an experienced and knowledgeable luthier to make them perform and sound their best.  Your string instrument is primarily made of wood and glue– organic materials that will expand and contract with seasonal humidity and temperature changes.  Musical instruments are by nature delicate and sensitive to these climatic changes and things do happen that are beyond a luthier’s control, especially with instruments not well cared for (use humidifiers people, it’s Arizona!)  I will go to great extremes to assure that every customer is completely satisfied with their repair and the service provided by my store.  I encourage clients to by picky, but practical.  Contact me with any questions or comments at any time.

    ~ Ryan Elewaut

    Turnaround Time & Estimates

    General repairs take 7-10 days to complete depending on our demand and the complexity of the repair.  Clean & restring, pickup installs, and general setups are usually returned within a couple days or less.  Actual estimates have to be made on a per guitar basis, however, the shop rate is based at $65 per hour.  A complete and full setup on a standard guitar takes about one hour, unless we have to manufacture new parts, such as nuts or saddles.  12-String guitars and certain electric models take much longer to work with, and we charge for that required time.  While many guitars need to have multiple repairs performed, some “fixes” are included in the price of others.  It’s fruitless to attempt a complete list of repair services and pricing, but a general price-list can be found at the bottom of this page.  We offer a rush charge of $25 which guarantees completion within 48 hours.  Rush jobs are only available if the schedule permits and if the repair is possible to expedite. Making an appointment is the best way to ensure a quicker turnaround time.

    Shop Declaration:

    “Cheap fixes” sacrifice the integrity of our work.  Working on a poorly made instrument (or a poorly maintained one) is more difficult and time consuming because they usually have more flaws and problems.  Whether it’s a cherished family heirloom or a messy campfire beater, this means a “quick fix” can easily turn into a time consuming pain-in-the-neck!  Charging for the extra time involved is a problem  because the customer wanted it done cheaply in the first place. Please understand why we must refrain from taking on quick-fixes or cheap jobs, and why we refuse to reduce estimates or quotes to compensate for an instrument not worth a reasonable amount of work. We understand the sentimental value instruments can have, so please don’t take anything personally if we decline a repair for these reasons.


    Schedule a personal consultation for no charge. We will assess your instrument and tell you what can be done. Making an appointment is the best way to get the attention you deserve with a free analysis and discussion in person with one of our luthiers.

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    Attention Taylor Guitar Owners

    Taylor_LogoWe are the only fully authorized Taylor warranty repair facility in Northern Arizona!  We are trained to work on their unique proprietary neck joints, electronics, and other exclusive parts that make these instruments so amazing.  If you are curious about the warranty status of your guitar, or if you have any questions about potential warranty work, please give us a call.

    We can authorize warranty repairs and replacement parts for other manufacturers as well.  Contact us.

    General Price List of Common Repairs

    Please Note: This is a general list of common repairs & prices. Official quotes must be made on an individual basis. Shop time is quoted at $65 per hour.

    Clean & Restring:
    Full Setup:
    Pro Setup:
    Full Refret:
    Strap Button:
    Fix/Replace Jack:
    Pickup Installation:
    $20 – $30
    $55 – $75
    $150 – $190
    $350 – $450
    $15 (includes button)
    $15 – $25
    $40 – $65


    Service Warranty & Guarantee:

    We warranty our work for 30 days. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Additional fine tuning is included within this 30 day period. Cracks or other adverse reactions due to environmental issues and negligent care by the owner are not covered under this warranty. Please note that we keep our shop within proper humidity & temperature ranges. It is best to keep string instruments between 40%-45% humidity and 65-85 degrees here in northern Arizona. We have no control over the the environmental conditions your instrument experiences once it leaves our shop. The stability of the environment, along with the sensitivity of the instrument and that of the player will determine how often adjustments need to be made. If you need additional tweaking, please contact us and bring it in so we can make any necessary corrections. We highly recommend reading the following articles.

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