We Offer Guitar & Gear Rentals and School Instrument Rentals

Learning an instrument should be fun.  Part of that enjoyment comes from an instrument that sounds good and is easy to play, meaning well functioning.  We rent high quality student-level instruments and our rental rates are very competitive.

Guitar rentals are $35 per month.  Our general rental equity deal is as follows: 4 months of your rental charges may be applied toward the purchase of any similar instrument. Meaning, after 4 months of rent you have $140 worth of credit toward an instrument purchase here at Custom Sound.  We also offer an Acoustic Guitar Rent-to-Own Program on some instruments.  Our 6 month rental package includes a guitar and gigbag, plus our complete service and maintenance coverage.  The rental rate for most guitars is $35 per month for 6 months and then you own it!

In addition to our regular guitar and other store rentals (see bottom of page,) we have a rental program for school band instruments as well!  In collaboration with Harmony Music, we rent high quality instruments to any music student and families in the Flagstaff area school systems.


Check out our rates below.   Contact us for more details.


Rental Rate Flier-web


We offer a rental-reimbursement program where four months of rent can be applied toward the purchase of a new instrument.  We also rent travel guitars and professional gear for local concerts and gigs.  See below for a general list of rates. Contact the store for availability.

Monthly Rentals:

Student Acoustic Guitar:
Student Banjo:
Student Mandolin:
Student Ukulele:
Student Electric Guitar:
Student Practice Amp:
Student Bass Guitar:
Travel Guitar:
$35 per month
$35 per month
$35 per month
$25 per month
$25 per month
$20 per month ($15 with guitar)
$25 per month
$40 per month


Backline Gear Rentals:

We offer a full selection of VOX amps and other gear for professional backline stage rentals.  Here’s our general selection of short-term gear rentals.

VOX AC30-HW Alnico Blues:
VOX AC15-C1:
VOX AC4 Recording Amp:
AKG Guitar-Cab Mic:
Powered 12″ Loud Speaker:
Ghost Fog Machine:
3-Piece Automatic Light Rig:
Acoustic-Electric Guitar:
Microphone & Cord:
PA Head w/ EQ and FX:
$65 daily
$45 daily
$45 daily
$15 ea. daily
$25 ea. daily, $40 for Two
$15 daily
$25 daily ($20 with Lighting Rig)
$30 daily
$10 daily
$45 daily, ($35 with Speakers)

Rental Contracts:

Long-Term Rental Contract:
Short-Term Rental Contract: