Standard Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Hard Case


This is a Standard Dreadnaught acoustic guitar hard case.  It fits virtually all traditional dreadnaught shapes and many other “mini-jumbo” and standard “acoustic guitar sizes” as well.  The case is  sized to accept any version of a D-size guitar.  This a good and sturdy hardcase for general use.

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Standard Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Hard Case

This standard dreadnaught acoustic guitar hard case fits many standard sizes.  Any dreadnaught will fit this case, andmany other large guitars with a 16″ lower bout.  Another size that fits well with this case is referred to as Mini Jumbo.  The solid wood frame is covered in a quality black tolex with sturdy latches.  The black plush interior provides a generous amount of padding.  This case accommodates the most common standard “acoustic guitars.”

Click Addition Information for internal dimension.

Additional information

Sizing Note:

Lower Bout and Body Depth are most important. Your guitar should be within (+/-) 0.25" of the case dimension. Regarding Body Length: the case should be 1"- 2" longer than your actual guitar body due to heel curvature. Upper bout of guitar can be smaller than listed dimension.

Lower Bout:


Body Depth:


Body Length:


Total Length:


Upper Bout:


Measurement Diagram

Case Dimensions:


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