Plush Deluxe Single 0 Guitar Case


This is one of our Premium Plush cases, fit specifically for Gibson® style Single O sized guitars, and many other instruments.  Thick tolex-covered wood-shell case, with premium large latches and an arched top construction.  See the dimensions and additional info below.


Plush Deluxe Single O Size Hard Case

Manufactured by Guardian, this premium single 0 guitar case pairs well with many different brands of various small-body, single O sized instruments.  Fit specifically for a Gibson L-O style guitar, it also fits other parlor sizes of the slightly larger design.  It is a very solid 7-ply wood-shell case with black tolex and a green crushed velvet plush interior. Click on Additional Information to check the dimensions and info on sizing.

Additional information

Sizing Note:

Lower Bout and Body Depth are most important and should be within (+/-) 0.25" of the case dimension. Regarding Body Length- the case should be 1"- 2" longer than your actual guitar body due to heel curvature. Upper bout of guitar can be smaller than listed dimension.

Lower Bout:


Body Depth:


Body Length:


Total Length:


Upper Bout:


Measurement Diagram

Case Dimensions:


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