Robertson Original V1T CustomCaster Thinline


The Original V1-T CustomCaster Thinline, made right here at Custom Sound in Flagstaff. The sound and tonal variability that emanate from this guitar will make your amp sing in so many ways.  The tone is vintage and articulate, with many voice options.  The sound will make it hard to put down, but the playability might make it impossible.  See below for details.  When not in stock, allow 4-6 week for build time.  Contact us for custom options.

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Robertson Original Thinline CustomCaster

The Original V1-T CustomCaster Thinline has tone for miles.  A modern profile neck combined with a vintage radius fingerboard, producing a very unique and playable guitar.  The fully chambered body is very resonant and produces a beautiful voice, adding to its capacity for sustain and just the right amount of feedback when desired.  We use a standard 3-way toggle for your pickups, while the mini-toggle controls 3 different configurations of the Duncan P-Rail pickup in the bridge position.  The ProShop Duncan neck pickup has a very vocal and glassy-clean tone, while the P-Rail in the bridge is cranky and mean.  The tonal variation in this guitar is unparalleled, yet it all blends together extremely well with a perfect amount of blues and rock.  All circuitry is passive and custom wired by hand.

Scale Length:
Nut Width:
Gotoh chrome plated brass bridge, Delta 18:1 tuners
Ebony, 9.5″ radius
Maple, flat modern D-shape profile
Swamp Ash
Seymour Duncan Five-Two ProShop neck, P-Rail Bridge