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When used properly, this is one of the best and most consistent humidifiers available.  Sponge-based humidifiers have a peak output which dies rapidly.  The Oasis maintains consistent output until it’s empty, unlike sponge-based humidifiers that have an initial peak in output, and then die off quickly.  See below for details.

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We’ve been using the classic Oasis guitar humidifier for almost a decade now and it’s proven to be very effective at keeping your case and instrument properly humidified, consistently, with a regulated output.  Be sure to…

  • Tighten the cap firmly by holding the rigid rubber collar.
  • Don’t let it dry out all the way.  If you do, add a small amount of water and let it relax on its own before filling. Don’t pull it apart if it’s completely dried out.
  • Use distilled or filtered water. It will help ensure a long life for the humidifier.


1 review for Oasis Guitar Humidifier

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Rating I got the penguin hiumdifier a week ago after researching multiple brands, some expensive ones, filter ones, big ones, warm ones, etc. And I read the reviews about it leaking or breaking on this one, and essentially there was some complaint on just about every brand out there always a few problems. So for the $30 this one cost (and the fact that it is ridiculously adorable!) it seemed to cover what I needed: something that was not expensive, not too large and bulky, smaller reservoir so more fresh water going through it (and less water sitting around getting ookey) and would add humidity where ever it was.It has been running almost non-stop for a week, minus filling times or when we were out, and has worked perfectly. The body reservoir, even when running on high, has lasted at least 16 hours. I haven’t had problems with white dust on everything like my old-fashioned gigantic noisy one (I use tap water), and it doesn’t spray water drops out with the mist either. It definitely made a difference running at night in the bedroom no noses and throats feeling dry as dust’ in the AM. The penguin has a small footprint, about 9 diameter and 12.75 tall. It runs almost silently BUT it does make a trickling noise and actually sounds like our tabletop fountain. It’s a nice sound during the day but wore on me during the night; I wasn’t used the sound and I kept thinking it’s leaking when it wasn’t. So now I run it for a while before bed and I sleep much better all around.Things to watch out for though the reservoir opening where you fill it, there is a screw-on cap with a spring-valve (like what’s at the bottom of your coffee maker basket). There should be a silicone O-ring that fits in the top of the cap. Our O-ring was inside the opening, and since it was clear-ish could be easily missed. The O-ring could cause the cap to leak if not seated properly and the cap needs to be tightened snuggly. When filled and righted (there’s even a little handle to carry it by) it should only drip slightly out of the spring-valve. Check that nothing is clogging the spring-valve by pressing it in (before filling) and that the flap is not folded. Only use COLD water in the reservoir, and if you boiled water WAIT for it to be room temp before using. Using hot water could definitely cause this plastic to crackle and crack. The body must sit squarely on the butt’ or it can dribble over the side a tiny bit. We have had absolutely no problems with this little cutie, and if I do I’ll update my posting. It has a nice rocker on-off switch on his left butt cheek’. It has a dial on the front (I’ll call it his bellybutton) to adjust the amount of mist; even on high he doesn’t drip. The mist dial doesn’t seem to affect the fountain noise at all; i.e. the lesser misting does not lessen any gurgling it does. A great little design and it does the job!

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