Standard Single 0 Guitar Hard Case


Guardian cases are constructed of a five-ply wood frame covered in thick black tolex and finished off with heavy-duty gold hardware and yellow stiching.   The interior of the case is lined with plush padded black fabric and has an accessory compartment located under the neck area.  This case fits best with Martin® and Gibson® single O sizes.



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Slightly larger than the standard parlor case, this case fit single 0 size guitars from many makers.  Check the specs on the additional info tab.  These cases are well constructed and will keep your guitar safe from the hazards of life both in your home and on the road. Each case has a lock built into one of the latches and a set of keys. You can be sure that your guitar will be safe at all times!

This is a standard black plush cases fit specifically for Gibson® and Martin® single 0 bodies, and other small acoustics as well. With a thick tolex-covered wood-shell, standard brass latches and very soft padding, it is a good and solid case. See the dimensions and additional info below.

Feel free to contact us to ask about sizing, or visit our other online store, for more selection and info.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Sizing Note:

Lower Bout and Body Depth are most important. Your guitar should be within (+/-) 0.25" of the case dimension. Regarding Body Length: the case should be 1" – 2" longer than your actual guitar body due to heel curvature. Upper bout of guitar can be smaller than listed dimension.

Lower Bout:


Body Depth:


Body Length:


Total Length:


Upper Bout:


Measurement Diagram

Case Dimensions:


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