Deluxe OOO Size Hardcase


This Deluxe Plush OOO size case is slightly over-sized at the lower bout, and will fit a variety of OM and medium sized guitars.  It has chrome hardware with a lock and a generous amount of black plush cushioning to keep your instrument happy.  Click on Additional Information for dimensions and sizing info.


A great fit for standard OM and OOO size guitars, this case will also fit other guitars of the “mini-jumbo” type.  A unique black tolex with an arched top construction for added rigidity and black plush interior. See below for dimensions and additional info.

Additional information

Sizing Note:

Lower Bout and Body Depth are most important. Your guitar should be within (+/-) 0.25" of the case dimension. Regarding Body Length: the case should be 1" – 2" longer than your actual guitar body due to heel curvature. Upper bout of guitar can be smaller than listed dimension.

Lower Bout:


Body Depth:


Body Length:


Total Length:


Upper Bout:


Measurement Diagram

Case Dimensions:


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