Repair by Mail

Ship Your Guitar for FREE!

We’ll send you our pre-paid shipping box at no charge.

High quality luthiery work can be hard to find. We are known for world-class Setup & Repair work on acoustic and electric guitars, along with other string instruments. Our focus includes vintage restoration projects, neck re-setting, full re-fretting, structural rebuilding, custom setups & other general repairs.

  1. Select which service you are interested in.
  2. Add the FREE shipping box.
  3. Send us your repair details & issues in the notes section at Check Out.
  4. Receive your Pre-Paid shipping box & pack up your guitar. Drop it off for shipment at any UPS location.
  5. Repairs take 2-3 weeks to complete on average. You will be contacted as soon as we receive your guitar.

Shipments are safe a fully insured if you follow our packing instructions. Select the repair service and options for the initial estimate. We’ll contact you for an initial consultation within 24 hours.

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