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Liquidation Celebration SALE starts Thursday, Feb. 22nd.


*** PRESS RELEASE: February 16, 2018 ***



New direction will emphasize return to original mission & passion for building & repairing guitars. Liquidation Celebration SALE Begins Thursday, Feb. 22nd. 

Flagstaff, AZ – Custom Sound Instruments has announced a major shift in its structure and future pursuits. Beginning in mid-March, Flagstaff’s premier local guitar shop will be closing its retail location to concentrate exclusively on the custom shop. String instrument building, repair and restoration work (a practice called lutherie) is quickly becoming the primary focus for revenue and growth. This art form truly represents the original foundation of the company, and a new business environment is encouraging Custom Sound to fully embrace its primary mission since being started in 2004 by owner Ryan R. Elewaut.  By re-focusing on the repair shop, which caters to high-end restoration work and custom alterations, the company will be dedicated to its core strengths and expertise.

Last summer, Custom Sound merged with the Thomas Byers Guitar Studio, debuting an expanded retail and lesson location at 120 South Beaver Street across from the original facility. This enabled the expansion of the older location for added benches and space needed to accommodate the growing repair and building operations. Yet retail has been changing drastically. Growth and change are interdependent, and in our ever-changing world there have been many developments in the musical instrument (MI) industry.  This has been reported on recently in many business articles and media outlets, specifically regarding electric guitar manufacturers and MI retailers.

“I would say retail was a necessary part of our model for a long time—for revenue and generating repair business for the shop, well—it’s not so necessary any more. It’s actually keeping us from focusing on and moving forward with our biggest plans and opportunities,” said Elewaut.

The online market has been a huge disruption to traditional MI retail around the country. In addition, large manufacturers have become prey to the games of big-business and venture capital, overextending themselves and flooding the market with more and more models every year.  This has caused an increase in the used market, which has also fueled the second-hand repair side of the industry.  Custom Sound sees the largest areas of growth in these 4 sections of its business:

  1. Repair & Restorations
  2. Online Sales through & other platforms
  3. Custom Handcrafted Instruments
  4. Refurbished & customized instruments, high-end consignments

Custom Sound is also innovating by offering a unique free shipping program for repair customers anywhere in the country. Online sales continue to be a large part of the business, and this will continue to grow with,,, and eBay. Custom Sound will still maintain a small showroom at the repair shop featuring Solstice Custom Guitars, unique consignments and other instruments expertly restored by the team of luthiers at CSI.

After doing more than 12,500 repairs and building over 40 guitars and other instruments, Elewaut says, “I’m so excited for the changes and developments happening this year. After 14 years we are exiting the retail game, it keeps us from doing what we truly love. We have been prototyping and laying the groundwork for our new brand, a custom line of instruments called Solstice Guitars, with electric and acoustic models. We launch this summer.”

For more information contact Ryan Elewaut at 928-779-1000 or 928-600-4359(c) or via email.


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