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We recently decided to move and transfer all of it to a section here on our main site. is a website we developed that specializes in finding you case options for your guitar or other instrument.  The CaseParlor provides online tools for sizing and finding the right case for guitars of different sizes.  The new CaseParlor section in our online store has better tools and a new table to make it easier to find the right case for your instrument.

We are continuing to fill out the case sections and add more cases to our inventory.  If you have any questions about cases please contact The Case Parlor here.

CaseParlor Now Lives Here:

The Case Parlor exists to offer you excellent tools to find different size cases for different size guitars, including standards like classical and dreadnought cases. We also have different styles and quality levels. We have developed a new table to filter in different ways, and a new section to help start the process. You can also visit our general case categories and use more sorting tools there.

If you are looking for a case for any of your instruments, or just interested in checking out the table options, check it out here.

Let’s Find You a Case!

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