Larrivee is Here!




We are finally making an official post here on our blog about our latest dealership arrangement.  Custom Sound is now a proud authorized dealer for Larrivee guitars!  These fine acoustic instruments represent an elite level of craftsmanship. We are eager for you to try them… if you’re ready.


Jean Larrivee has been a renowned guitar maker and manufacturer for decades– originally from Canada, most of their guitars are now being built in Oxnard, California.  Larrivee is on the largest guitar makers who still used a largely hand-made format, forgoing much of the robots and composite materials used by some of the other big names.  Their necks are hand carved, their neck joints are hand-set, and they only use solid wood construction… i.e. no laminates!


Among other many unique and elegant design features, the Larrivee bracing pattern is notably different, giving them a very balanced and distinctive voice.  The modified bracing pattern produces a very true and smooth tone.

Here is an awesome, in depth factory tour showing their process.


Come on in for a visit to see what we have in stock.



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