It’s Dry (again)

article-new-ehow-images-a06-it-90-humidity-sensor-types-1.1-800x800I just realized how dry it’s getting after checking on some plants and flowers I’m taking care of– and almost killing some of them!  It hasn’t rained in how many days?… and the high desert is dry again.

So, just a reminder after all that beautiful rain and perfect guitar humidity for weeks and weeks… it’s now dry again!  Make sure you are using those humidifiers on your acoustic guitars, and pay attention to any changes in the playing action of your instruments.  The extra rain brought perfect humidity for longer time than we are used to here in Flagstaff, but these swings can make some guitars unhappy.  We’ll check it out and give you advice for free.  Leave it if you want us to make it perfect, or just a little better.