Instrument Care


Custom Sound has two talented luthiers to advise and assist you with repairs and information about the functioning of your instrument. Adam Frumhoff, the resident luthier, and Ryan Elewaut, owner and head luthier at Custom Sound are available throughout the week.  Feel free to schedule an appointment with either technician during our open hours.


Adam is now managing the repair shop.  He has proven himself to be a incredibly thorough and proficient technician, and handles the majority of the repairs now.  Adam builds under the name Elden Lutherie.



As owner of the store, Ryan has been focused more on the business and getting the guitar building and production going.  In the shop his main responsibilities involve weird or sensitive projects, in addition to consulting and conferring with Adam on the more complicated projects.

If you are interested in having a one-on-one session to learn some of their secrets, go check out our setup lessons here.