Fishman LoudBox Acoustic Amps

Fishman LoudBox Amp Review



We’re big fans of all things Fishman here at the shop. After spending a lot of time playing different guitars through their Loudbox acoustic amplifiers, we wanted to give you our review.  If you’re a musician looking for a versatile, Loudboxesreliable, punchy and clear acoustic tone, then we highly recommend the LoudBox amps for portability and functionality.

Starting with the Mini Loudbox— despite the name, the sound of the Mini is anything but small. With 60 Watts of power to show, we would recommend the Mini to any musician playing in small to medium sized venues, or simply playing around the house for practice. The Mini is incredibly straightforward so you can get right down to business.  Some notable features: it only weighs 20 lbs, it has two independent channels, a 6.5″ low-frequency driver and a 1″ tweeter, anti-feedback functions and easy-to-use EQ dials. The first channel of the Mini has a quarter-inch input for your instrument and the second channel is XLR for microphones. The Mini also has effects! The first channel has a reverb and chorus dial while the second channel has reverb only.

All three models of the Loudbox series are tilted upwards in order to project a fuller and more accurate tone.  The mid-size model is the Loudbox Artist. It has double the power from the Mini, with 120 watts of super clean bi-amplified acoustic power. The 2 combo-input channels (both channels have loudboxartistamplifier2_largedual 1/4″ – XLR inputs) have anti-feedback controls and a new dual effects section.  This enables different effect combinations on different channels. The Artist has a 8″ woofer and 1″ tweeter, ensuring your natural tone and voice is supported and strengthened. Other cool features include a balanced XLR output, auxiliary stereo input, FX loop, and phantom power for condenser microphones. The Artist’s name says it all– it’s an amp that caters to the musician. With the Artist, you can show up to any gig with your guitar in one hand and the amp in the other, ready to make serious and professional music, whether self producing your sound, or running your own direct line to the sound engineer.

Finally, the Loudbox Performer is the big brother of the group. From Fishman’s website, the Performer is described as their “most powerful acoustic amplifier, the Loudbox Performer features 180 watts of transparent bi-amplified acoustic sound and two versatile input channels that accept 1/4” and XLR sources. Each channel includes Fishman’s renowned 3-band EQ, feedback-fighting controls, and a new effects section for more tonal options than ever before.”  If you’re really looking to fill the room, the Performer is the choice for you. With more headroom and a different overall voice, it has all the same specs and features as the Artist.  The well-designed anit-feedback control allows you to crank the volume and keep a nice, crisp tone.

Amplify your valued tone with a Fishman LoudBox. Your sound source has never been so easy to use and immediately accessible.  Custom Sound is an authorized dealer for Fishman Acoustic Amps.