Now Carrying Electro-Harmonix!


It’s true! Custom Sound is now a proud dealer for Electro-Harmonix effect pedals. With almost 50 years of experience under their belt, EHX has been an innovative front runner in the effects game for decades, offering some of the most well known pedals for guitar players. EHX is producing more and more awesome pedals ever year, and their line is more incredible than ever right.  Stop in today to check out our selection.  Below is a brief overview of some of our favorites to arrive recently.




Soul Food: A transparent overdrive with excellent touch and responsiveness.







Holy Stain: EHX’s first multi-effect pedal, offering 3 types of dirt along with pitch shifting capabilities, tremolo and two types of reverb.





Key 9: Ever wanted your guitar to sound like a Rhodes piano? The Key 9 Electric Piano Machine is the box for you. Giving you 9 unique keyboard voicings such as an organ, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, all the way to vibes and steel drums.





Nano Looper 360: Tired of only being able to play one layered loop at a time? Look no further than this new awesome mini looper.  The EHX 360 has capabilities of being able to record up to 360 seconds of material and save different loops to 11 different presets, so you can keep your favorites or create different sections.




Stop in and test out these pedals and many others.  We now have a wide assortment of Electro-Harmonix in stock!