Dealers for TV Jones Pickups!





We are now dealers for the renowned TV Jones pickup company!  TV Jones is known for their specific tone, classic and often retro voiced humbuckers and single coils.  They offer a variety of sizes to fit anything from Gretsch toTeleRout-TVJ Gibson, and single coils in between.  If you need to mod your guitar for a new size, we can do any customization necessary.  We also specialize in custom switching options for a variety of tonal variations.  Ask Ryan about any guitar mods.

Stop by or give us a call if you are interested in customizing your tone with new pickups, a new setup and intonation, or both.  Consultations are always free.

*Pickup installation charges are always HALF OFF when you buy through us, including special orders.  This goes for acoustic and electric guitar pickup systems.  Please note, half off only applies to pickup installation or swapping, and does not apply to additional modifications, such as routing or additional switching.