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Gibson J-45 Reconstruction


Notice anything strange?  This was a very interesting project. Some time ago a customer came through Flagstaff on vacation with his family and we got to talking about a can of worms he recently opened.  He had come across a messed up 1970’s square shoulder Gibson J-45 that needed work.  Being the engineering type, he […]

Side Reconstruction

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A Formidable Challenge on a Taylor 814c This all started when a customer in Sedona emailed me out of the blue. He included an eBay link and asked my opinion, “Is this fixable?”  He wanted to buy this guitar, but only if it could be restored– and he needed a fairly solid quote to gauge […]

Fat Daddy Custom Neck


I just got done making this custom neck for one of Flagstaff’s great guitar players.  Ben Tillman came to me and wanted a new neck for his str@t.  (7ender doesn’t like this article, so I’ve been told.) He had been using the biggest neck he could find, a generic aftermarket replacement from a parts company, […]

Vintage Martin 12-String… continued


This is the continuation from an earlier post which can be found here.  We’re showing the process of a full restoration on a 1965 Martin D12-35. After the neck was pulled and re-set (see other post,) the bridge re-glue and re-fretting needed to be done. Here’s the bridge removal.         After heating […]

Restoring a Vintage Martin D12-35


This was a gorgeous, vintage 1965 Martin D12-35.  I bought the guitar knowing it needed complete restoration treatment. It sold after the restoration was complete. The Brazilian Rosewood back and sides were beautiful. Below you can see the three-piece back with the Indian Rosewood in the center.               Restoration […]