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Deal of the Week

Djembe session

Get your drum on! It’s still summer, and after the rain lets up we’ll be back outside for some camping and hopefully a little jamming under the big puffy clouds and the big blue Flagstaff sky.  Hand drums make an excellent addition to a campfire acoustic jam.  Right now, we have a great selection of […]

Deal of the…

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 28: Singer/songwriter Liz Phair performs her album ''Exile in Guyville'' at the 9:30 Club on August 28, 2008 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Hey! Today we are announcing a new regular special here online and in the store.  It’s going to be the DEAL OF THE– something– you’ll just have to wait until the moment has arrived. This special will always be a temporary massive sale deal on something we have overstock on, or perhaps things that have […]

Deal of the Week(end)


ALL USED ITEMS ARE 15% OFF THROUGH THE WEEKEND! This includes instruments, amps, pedals and other gear.  We currently have a great selection of used amps and speaker cabinets, pedals and electric guitars, and a good selection of acoustic stuff as well.  Here’s the short list: Reverend Six Gun III TC Electronics 2×12 bass cab […]

Reading Between the Lines


I’m intrigued and fascinated by this for a number of reasons.  This article came to us via a Voyage-Air Guitar promo email.  The following is a re-print of an experiment conducted by a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida.   I’m happy to read that the VA guitar shows better tonal […]

Single-Source Pickups


We discussed dual source pickup systems in an earlier post here.  Now let’s talk about some favorite single source pickups, which are more affordable and still have excellent tone. The first pickup is a brand new system from L.R. Baggs.  It’s called the Lyric Mic System.   The engineers over at L.R. Baggs have taken the […]

The Magic of Dual-Source


What is a dual-source pickup system?  Glad you asked! With regards to acoustic amplification, a dual source pickup is simply two different pickups inside your guitar, configured and mixed to produce a single blended signal of tonal awesomeness.  The blending of the two signals can be done automatically with an internal preamp. However, more advanced […]

Now Carrying Cordoba


Custom Sound is proud to announce our new dealership with the Cordoba!  This renowned company has become one of the leading makers of nylon string instruments, and they also distribute some master works from exclusive luthiers like the Jose Ramirez shop.  They also make some fine ukuleles and travel guitars.  Come try some out today!