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We often get customers in the repair shop explaining their various forms of “tuning problems.” Surprising to most guitarists, this is rarely due to the tuning machines themselves. True, it is sometimes due to faulty tuners, and a set of high-quality tuning keys will enable better and more accurate tuning of your instrument. But “tuning […]

Neck Angle vs. Neck Relief


Exploring Guitar Neck Issues It is easy to get confused between neck relief and neck angle when looking down the edge of some guitar necks.  These are very different issues indeed, and unfortunately unqualified guitar “techs” get confused also and they can literally break your instrument by making improper adjustments. A mid-grade Taylor came through […]

Humidity Discussion


What happens to a guitar when it’s dried out? Here’s one example. Aside from cracks like the one shown here, the critical geometry is completely affected, making any setup adjustments extremely difficult. In addition to this, the entire structure of the instrument is under abnormal tension. There are many different pieces of wood glued together […]

Instrument Care

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Custom Sound has two talented luthiers to advise and assist you with repairs and information about the functioning of your instrument. Adam Frumhoff, the resident luthier, and Ryan Elewaut, owner and head luthier at Custom Sound are available throughout the week.  Feel free to schedule an appointment with either technician during our open hours.   […]