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Friday the 13th SCARY SALE


EARLY HALLOWEEN SALE EVENT! One Day Only. This Friday the 13th we are having a store-wide SALE! 13% OFF! Strings, accessories, guitars, amps and other instruments. Even books and PA systems! We will also be offering Restring & Adjustment services for only $13 (normally $25-$35)   Come find us at our new location across the […]

Merging Operation Complete!


The move is complete and we are fully operational at the new location! 120 South Beaver Street This is just down the street and across from our other shop. The old location is still the repair shop for custom consultations and high-end boutique of unique and collectable gutiars.  Please schedule an appointment to meet with […]

Expansion Plans!


Hello Flagstaff! Custom Sound is Growing. Big changes are happening. We are very excited about the upcoming move. Please keep reading for all the details.   You might be familiar with our lesson partners across the street, the Thomas Byers Lesson Studio.  If not, they are located half a block south and across the street […]

Neck Angle vs. Neck Relief


Exploring Guitar Neck Issues It is easy to get confused between neck relief and neck angle when looking down the edge of some guitar necks.  These are very different issues indeed, and unfortunately unqualified guitar “techs” get confused also and they can literally break your instrument by making improper adjustments. A mid-grade Taylor came through […]

3D Modeling the New Transit Custom (video)


New Model Coming Soon!   We are building a new semi-hollow guitar from the ground up.  The new Transit model is a fully chambered electric guitar with four neck options, four bridge options, and three finish choices.  The 3D model is complete, and now its time to prototype the body.  Our good friend Jason Lindsey […]

Keep Calm & Carry It On


We all know that guitar cases won’t fit in the carry-on box thing that measures your bag at the airport.  But the need is over to carefully find a perfectly nice, well meaning airline person at the counter to beg and plead your case (pun intended) so as to not require checking your beloved instrument […]

NEW LD Speaker Systems


The Perfect Acoustic Amp & PA System   Designed in Germany, LD Audio Systems provide some of the best setups on the market. From battery powered PA’s to powerful towers, sub woofers and satellites speakers included, LD has options for solo musicians, touring bands, and even the casual musical listener. Custom Sound Instruments in Flagstaff, […]

Dealers for TV Jones Pickups!


Announcement:   HALF OFF INSTALLATION: read below*  We are now dealers for the renowned TV Jones pickup company!  TV Jones is known for their specific tone, classic and often retro voiced humbuckers and single coils.  They offer a variety of sizes to fit anything from Gretsch to Gibson, and single coils in between.  If you […]