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Our goal is to offer a thorough selection of sizes for guitars and other instruments. More importantly, CaseParlor will help you find it!  Learn to find the right fit with our specialized search & sorting tools. Below is your guide to finding cases by size, type, price, even by filtering measurements and key terms.

Case Fitting Guide

Fitting Diagram

This Page is Your Guide!

We have many ways to help you find the right case…

First, let’s make sure we speak the same language. Check the Fitting Diagram & know all the terms: Lower Bout, Upper Bout, Saddle, Bridge, etc.

Know Your Measurements. Verify Dimensions Before Purchasing!

The Five Primary Measurements for Case Fitting…

In Order of Importance:

  1. Lower Bout
  2. Body Depth (include bridge & saddle)
  3. Body Length (include 1″ – 2″ for heel)
  4. Total Length
  5. Upper Bout

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Common Concerns:

How snug should my instrument fit?
Fairly tight, but not forced. An instrument should fit almost tight and be secure around the lower bout area. Your instrument should not move around once the case is closed. Of course, a slightly loose fitting case is better than too tight or none at all! It is possible to pad loose areas with foam blocks or even towels.
What brands of cases do you carry?
We carry a few brands, and we're all about the size selection. We sell cases from many different brands and manufacturers, and we are still adding more. Our current selections are primarily from Guardian®, Gator®, STONE, and some generic lines. We also have our own specially made gigbags.
Do you make custom sized cases?
No. But we plan on adding a line of boutique cases with custom options in the future.
How much does the padding change the sizing?
This depends on the case. Except for the Length dimension, all of the measurements listed are for approximate guitar sizes within (+/-) 0.25" (1/4 inch.) We reference the ideal guitar size limit, not the case with a specified amount of squished padding. All sizing listed assumes the perfect amount of compression in the padding while fitting your instrument.
Is the waist measurement important?
The waist measurement is the least important. The upper bout is the second least important. The most important dimensions are the lower bout, the depth, and the body length, in that order. If you have a strangely shaped guitar, or you are concerned about the waist variable, please contact us with the form on the right.
What if the case I order doesn't fit?
If the case doesn’t fit you can send it back to us in the same box and we'll find you a replacement that fits. Visit our returns page for details.
What is your shipping method?
We currently use UPS Ground Service for most shipments within the United States. We also use FedEx on occasion, depending on rates. We use US Postal Service International when shipping to other countries.
When will my order ship?
Your order will ship within 24 hours. Depending on your location, we will ship from one of our 3 locations to get your case delivered ASAP. You will be notified with tracking info.
Do you ship internationally?
Our system is not set up to calculate for international shipping rates at this time. Please contact us here and inquire about your location and rates. We will happily process international orders via email when possible.

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