If you haven’t heard, we recently launched our sister site called  Think of this as us starting a new and different restaurant.  CaseParlor is dedicated to finding you the right size case online.  Once you visit you’ll see why we decided to make it completely separate from Custom Sound.

Help us spread the word and get 15% OFF…

Finding the right case online is not easy.  Sorting sizes and even finding that info at all is sometimes impossible.  This is why we started CaseParlor.  If you haven’t had a chance go check out the site.  Give us your feedback.  Help us spread the word.  CaseParlor.comIf you are in need of case, go search our selection.  If you are local here in Flagstaff or near, choose local pickup and come get your case here at the shop.  Our goal is to create the most functional site for searching guitar cases by size and type, and it is now our primary tool for looking at our case inventory.

Share it on social media and come show us the post, we’ll give you 15% OFF any one-time purchase here at Custom Sound.